Lisa’s passion lies in empowering individuals, organizations and communities to think bigger and address the challenges preventing progress.


APPCityLife, Inc.


Founded in 2009, APPCityLife empowers individuals to create solutions and build mobile apps which address challenges they see within their own community. APPCityLife is also a strong supporter of STEM education initiatives from early education to higher education, partnering with schools, continuing education programs, STEM-focused groups, and adult education institutions.

HautepreneursLogoHautepreneurs, LLC

CoFounder/Chief Haute Ideas Officer

Hautepreneurs launched in 2013 to address the unique challenges which can become barriers to success for women entrepreneurs, thought leaders and innovators. Hautepreneurs is the hub where exceptional women leaders and business owners gather to help each other move their businesses, careers and personal brands to the next level.



HauteMoney delivers high level strategy, training, and tools to help women plan and launch more successful crowdfunding campaigns to grow their businesses.



HauteVentures provides a platform for collaborative investing by women into women-led high potential, scalable businesses.



HauteHopes provides scholarships, grants, training and mentoring to help women launch and grow their business ideas to empower disadvantaged New Mexican women to change the homelife of our children, the possibilities for our women and the economy of our state.

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